U.S.A. Goju Organization
Sensei Pam Heath completed a self-defense course at the South Branch
YMCA in Orlando which was taught by one of Sensei William Liquori's black
belts. Anyone interested in learning more about karate was encouraged to
watch a class at the Main Dojo on the South Orange Blossom Trail. Sensei
Pam watched one class and was hooked. She began training in the USA
Goju karate style at the Main Dojo under Sensei William Liquori in March of
In 1985, Sensei Pam moved to South Florida. The dominant karate style
where she lived was Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan which was taught by
Master William JOMS. Sensei Pam became a red belt in Tang Soo Do before
returning to Orlando four years later.
After returning to Orlando in 1989, Sensei Pam resumed working out with
the karate instructor and the karate style she loved. From time to time, she
assisted with teaching a children's class at the Main Dojo and periodically
assisted Sensei Linda Liquori with her children's class at her Winter Park
Sensei Pam and Sensei Scott Smith received their 1st degree Black Belts
(Shodan) in December 1995. After Sensei Scott secured his current dojo at
the Orlando Magic Recreation Center, Sensei Pam again periodically
assisted with teaching Sensei Scott's class. Sensei Pam received her 2nd
degree Black Belt (Nidan) in December 2010.
Sensei Pam moved to Athens, Georgia, in June 2014 to be closer to her
daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters who live there. Even though
she doesn't work out regularly in Orlando, she still comes to visit in the
summer for the annual organizational workout, and she visits in December
for the annual Christmas party. There is a core group of karate students
who have trained under now Hanshi William Liquori who have remained
close and she considers them to be extended family members.
Sensei Pam Heath