Orlando Goju Karate
Godan (5th degree)
Sensei Scott Smith began his karate training
in Isshinryu karate at the age of 14 in 1985.
Shortly after, the school he attended closed,
and he found USA Goju at a local YMCA and
started training under Sensei Michael Levell in
1986.  In 1994 he began training under
Sensei William A. Liquori and did so until
March of 2004.
He is currently a 5th degree black belt and
Head Instructor at the Orlando Goju Karate
SENSEI Tony Ingram
Nidan  (2nd degree)
OGK Black Belts
              Tony began his karate training at
the age of eight in New York City. He trained
in Matsubayashi Ryu for two years before
moving away. He briefly resumed training
under a kickboxing fighter in 1995 in Ft.
Lauderdale Florida for one year. In 2004 he
began looking for a quality school to resume
his martial arts training and met Sensei
Scott Smith . Tony is currently a Nidan
under Sensei Smith Continues to train and
teach under him.