U.S.A. Goju Organization
Larry Fredrick

1987 - Shodan (1st Degree)

1987 - Shodan Ho

Sensei Fredrick’s career in Karate started while in High School and in 1980 he joined
Master, William A. Liquori’s U.S.A. GoJu Organization through one of Master Liquori’s Black
Belts Sensei, Alan Hardiman (Shodan) a Winter Haven Dojo.  He trained in the dojo 4
nights each week and as often as possible on Saturdays he would drive to the main Dojo in
Orlando, FL to train with Master Liquori.  Soon he was competing in tournaments, attained a
green belt and started his own training as an amateur kick boxer.

After graduating from High School in 1982, Sensei Fredrick went to college to pursue a
career as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Before entering the program he spoke to
Master Liquori and explained that with the college classes and clinical requirements, that he
would be unable to train and Master Liquori responded simply by saying “life happens -  
when you’re done come back”.

Sensei Fredrick returned to the U.S.A. Goju Organization in 1983, however he transferred
to a different dojo within the organization and chose to change instructors and train under
Sensei, Barry Macchione then (Shodan) located at the Winter Haven Armory.  As an
instructor, Sensei Macchione was very demanding, the classes were very disciplined,
organized, and extremely tough mentally and physically.   Sensei Macchione always pushed
his students to what they thought were their limits and then pushed them a little more,
always taking in consideration there was more a student could give.  The workouts were so
hard that puddles of sweat would collect on the floor beneath your feet.  During sit-ups and
leg raises, Sensei Macchione  would jump on your stomach during these strengthening
exercises and test your abilities to absorb an impact, simulating that of a kick.

Sensei Macchione never settled for just good enough, little details mattered and he always
found a way to make you better then you thought you were.  The repetition drills were
common over and over again and then you could bet you would do them once again.  From
1983 to 1985 Sensei Fredrick continued his training, competed in tournaments, taught
classes, and continued to travel to the main dojo in Orlando, FL.   

By 1986 Sensei Fredrick was a brown belt and he decided to go back to college once again
to become a Paramedic.  Working full time as an EMT and going to school full time he
worked in consultation with Sensei Macchione to teach privately along with two greenbelts;
Todd Warren and Chuck.  Both of these young men worked hard, they never gave up and
always gave their very best effort.  Students like that are hard to find and Sensei Fredrick
has always said these students taught him more then he ever taught them.  

By January 1987 Sensei Fredrick was promoted to Shodan.  During the period of 1987 to
1989 he graduated Paramedic school, continued to teach privately, competed in karate
tournaments, attended organizational meetings and traveled to the main dojo.  Later in 1989
he joined Sensei, Barry Macchione then (Sandan) in the opening of the “Dundee Dojo”
along with their then Brown Belts; Todd Warren and Chuck.  Later in December 1990
Sensei Fredrick was promoted to Nidan “With Honors” signification of a “special disciple”,
one who has worked hard and dedicated and committed himself to growing within the

From 1990 to 1995 he continued his training, assisted with the day-to-day operations of the
classes.  From 1995 to 2009 Sensei Fredrick had a change in careers, got married and
started a family, went back to college once again to earn his Bachelor’s degree in business,
while remaining in the U.S.A. Goju Karate Organization, Sensei Fredrick continued to attend
Karate seminars, organizational gatherings and assisting Sensei Macchione whenever
possible.  In 2009 he was asked to join Sensei Macchione (Godan), Sensei, Todd Warren
(Nidan) and Sensei, Chuck (Shodan), in the business partnership of the Main Street Dojo’s,
Inc., located in Winter Haven, FL.

Sensei Fredrick has always been an avid runner and during his competitive years in the
1980’s and 1990’s he also competed in endurance events such as 5Ks and 10Ks as well as
biathlons and triathlons.  He would often arrive at the dojo early so that he could go for a
run before the class workouts.

Over the years he had the good fortune of training in conjunction with many other styles
such as Wado Ryu under Sensei, Charles Parrish and Sensei, Butch Balingit, attend
training seminars under Bill “Super Foot” Wallace and Yodan, Dale Kirby.  He has also
enjoyed the good fortune of traveling to Texas, New Jersey, Colorado and Puerto Rico for
martial art training events. Recently he began Katana (Japanese sword) training with
Sensei, Richard Ganey of the Wado-Ryu and IMAF ranked, all while continuing his
commitment to the U.S.A. Goju Karate Organization.

During his career in the martial arts, it has been very apparent that most Karate students
tend to begin with one style of karate only to move on to several other styles or
organizations in search of that “great higher power in Karate” and in most cases, to obtain
rank promotions…  Sensei Fredrick believes this to be a fallacy as he has only been
involved in and loyal to the U.S.A. Goju Karate Organization and has learned that while it’s
okay to expose yourself to many styles of Karate, committing yourself to one style, rewards
you with the treasures you seek from others.  As of 2010 he has had 30 years experience
with U.S.A. Goju and for 27 of those years he has had the good fortune of training under the
direction of Sensei Macchione.  He also has had 25 years of training and working with
Sensei Warren and Sensei Chuck.   It is a great honor to be associated with these men and
a solid member in good standing with the U.S.A. Goju Karate Organization.  

Today he enjoys raising his daughter Kaitlin, running, and teaching our students at the Main
Street Dojo in Winter Haven, FL. For our students the rules of the dojo are simple,
“Everyone Works” “Nothing Is Free” and “All Start at the Bottom”. His expectations for our
students are simple – “Always do your best”.