At the age of 10 Sensei Josh Adams started in NYC Public Schools after school
program: the instructor was hard and mean,the style was Gung Fu, Chinese Kenpo
and Karate ... Then he entered a program in NYC called "The Door" where he
started in Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido, in his teens he was exposed to Shotokan (Mas
Oyama Style) after he moved to Orlando in 1980 December 18th he started formal
training under Master Liquori in USA Goju Karate. In 1983 he moved to San
Francisco and studied at the YMCA doing Hapkido in a very large class, and also at
the Castro District dojo Goju Kai under Sensei Yamaguchi's Son Master Gosei
Yamaguchi (Which did not go very well due to the Master Urban Connection from the
USA Goju ... LoL!!!) He has dabbled in Silat as well as Ueshiba Aikido and thought it
was necessary to be exposed to as many styles as possible for Historic reasons and
of course knowledge. Afterwards in 1985 he returned to Orlando on and off training
at the Old S. Orange Blossom Trail Dojo but returned in 1997 full time to the Winter
Park YMCA under the Master Liquori again ...

(Quote By Sensei Josh Adams)-----USA Goju is my Home!!! I believe in
strengthening ones weaknesses and softening what people do naturally with focus
and Passion to enhance ones life through Martial Training!!!
U.S.A. Goju Organization
Sensei Josh Adams