U.S.A. Goju Organization
Sensei John Ranglin

      Sensei John Ranglin was born in Jamaica West Indies in 1964.  As a boy who immigrated to the
United States in 1970, he was fascinated with a peculiar dance he watched endlessly through a window
that later he learned was Karate (Art of “Empty Hand”).  This window was at the dojo of Sensei George
Cofield of Shotokan in Brooklyn, New York.  In 1971, Sensei Ranglin registered for classes, and earned
a yellow belt before leaving in 1972.

In 1982, Sensei Ranglin met Kyoshi George Wells, a senior student of Master Aaron Banks and Grand
Master Peter Urban.  Kyoshi Wells introduced him to Japanese Goju Ryu where he earned his 4th Kyu
by 1985.

In 1986, Sensei Ranglin moved to Florida and continued his training in Goju Ryu, but under the tutelage
of Sensei Joseph Lofoco of the Okinawan Goju system (Morio Higoanna Sensei), assisted by Kyoshi
Larry Mabson of USA Goju Organization.  In 1990, Sensei Lofoco closed his dojo at which time, Sensei
Ranglin had already earned his Ikkyu and transitioned to the Miramar Dojo of Sensei Juan Ramirez.  In
1991, Sensei Ranglin earned his full Shodan from Sensei Ramirez.

Between 1991 and 2005, Sensei Ranglin trained alone, attending various tournaments still representing
the “Institute of Traditional Karate” once operated by Sensei Joe Lofoco for self improvement.  He later
connected with Sensei Mark Kern of Shito Ryu where he registered with his Organization for a period of
one year and was later excused due to knee surgery.   During his recovery period, he acquainted
himself with Sensei Bob Elder, thus finding that Goju still exist in the area.

In 2005, Sensei Ranglin met Sensei Howard Gelber of the Orange City Dojo and later began re-training
with him.  During his re-training, Sensei Ranglin learned that Kyoshi Mabson is the Head Instructor, for
Hanshi William Liquori of the USA Goju Organization.  Due to his past experience with Kyoshi Mabson
and participation in many of his Shiai’s, Sensei Ranglin chose to stay and completed a USA Goju
Organization “Black Belt Membership Application”.  Sensei Ranglin fulfilled all the necessary
requirements to satisfy Hanshi Liquori and Kyoshi Mabson to retain his Shodan; and was officially issued
his Certificate from Hanshi Liquori and Kyoshi Mabson in August 2007, and is now a full member of the
USA Goju Organization with all rights and privileges.

Sensei Ranglin founded and is Head Instructor of the USAGO Deltona Dojo since January 2008.