U.S.A. Goju Organization
Sensei David Moore
                    David Moore began his karate training in the late 1970’s along with his brother
under Sensei Mike Foster of Yoshikia Karate. They trained with Sensei Foster for three years
before David moved to California. There he studied three different styles Kempo, Kung-fu
Sansoo at the college of Orange County and also Isshin-Ryu under Sensei Advincula. Sensei
Advincula’s training is the most memorable to David in California. He learned many Martial arts
principles and heard many stories of Sensei Advincula’s time in Okinawa and Vietnam.
              David came back to Orlando, Fl and started training at Sensei Liquori’s famous O.B.
T. dojo, but due to family responsibilities he had to take a break from training. Approximately
five years later he met Sensei Howard Gelber who was holding a demonstration at David’s son’
s school. He then resumed his training in USA Goju  with Sensei Gelber and later David found
himself training at the main Dojo once again with Sensei Liquori. After the main Dojo closed
David followed the class to the Winter Park YMCA and the Eastbrook YMCA. Where along
with Sensei David Wells he received his Shodan.
              In March of 2004 Sensei Liquori and Sensei Linda Liquori closed their class at the
Eastbrook YMCA. Sensei Scott Smith and Sensei David Wells started teaching in Orlando
where David currently trains and assists in teaching. In January of 2007 David lost part of his
left leg to diabetes, but to his credit has resumed his training and teaching. David says that his
martial arts training helped him through the ordeal of losing his leg. Most new students that
meet Sensei Moore for the first time don’t know of his supposed disability until they hurt their
foot when they kick his prosthetic leg for the first time.