U.S.A. Goju Organization

The Katas of the USA GOJU Organization

Fukyugata :       “Promotional “ Katas
Taikyoku  ( Teikyoku): “ First Cause” Katas  (H pattern)

White Belt

Taikyoku Circle Block: “Kake Uke”  Featuring Frontal Stance and Palm Heel Strike

                  Taikyoku Fan Hook:   “Ura Kake Uke”(open hand)  Frontal Stance and Middle Palm Heel Strike

 Taikyoku Low Arc:  “Gedan Uchi Barai”  Horse Stance with middle  Palm Heel Strike

Taikyoku Chudan:  (Chudan block, chudan mae geri, chudan tzuki) Front Stance

Taikyoku Jodan:   (Jodan block, jodan mae geri, jodan tsuki) Front Stance

Taikyoku Gedan:  (Gedan Block, yoko geri, gedan tsuki)  Horse Stance

Green Belt

Ginchoi:  “Fight Fist” also known as “Mountain Giant” (According to Ed Malanoski it is a Chinese word)

Taikyoku series # 1: H Form Varied techniques done with tension and then speed in the second half

     Taiyoku Empi Go:( First Elbow Kata) Developed by GM Urban According to “ Entering through the gateway
of Goju” pgs 123, 162

   Taikyoku Series # 2: H Form; Varied Techniques Featuring Mawashi blocks and Crane stance in the second

Purple Belt

          Sanchin:  “3 Battles”(Mind, Body, and Spirit)    The name refers to the conflicts between mind, body and
spirit during the practice of this kata.

Tenshoa (Tensho): Rotating Palms (Hands)   Also known as Rokkishu, features soft techniques.

Gekisei Dai Ichi:  “ Attack and Destroy” or “ To Destroy”

    Gekisei Dai Ni:  “Attack and Destroy”  or To Destroy”( has soft open hand techniques)

       Empi Ha:  “Forms of Elbow “ According to one who attended a workshop with GM Urban, GM Urban
developed this kata in his bathroom.

Brown Belt

    Saifa:“Smash and Tear” or “ To destroy by pounding/pulve

Taikyoku Masho (mawashi) Uke  ich/ni:

    Sanseru:   “36 Hands”or  Movements

Black Belt

    Shisochin: “ Four Directions/Gates of Conflict” or “To Destroy in Four Directions”

    Seyuenchin: “ Control/Suppress and Pull” or “To Attack and Control/Suppress”

    Sesan:   “13 Hands or Movements” ( 13 Fists)

    Sepei:  “ 18 Hands or Movements”

Kururunfa:  “ Holding Ground” or “Holding on Long and Striking Suddenly” contains grappling techniques

    Suparempei: “ 108 Hands or Movements”  most advanced and complex Goju  kata

         Goju Series 1

         Goju Series 2

Weopons Kata

Siafa with the Bo

Goju Bo

Goju Long bo

Gekisei Sia with the Sia

Ken No