U.S.A. Goju Organization
Sensei Chris Lindamood (Sandan, USA GoJu 2008) began her
martial arts career in judo under Sensei Jim Campion while attending the
University of Central Florida in 1972, attaining the rank of green belt.
Shortly thereafter, she began to study karate at the Downtown Orlando YMCA
under Sensei Gene Fry. Approximately a year later, she began to study under
Sensei William Liquori at the Main Dojo, attaining the level of purple
belt, when her training was interrupted by a move to Tallahassee, Florida
to attend law school at FSU in 1976. As there was no USA GoJu school in
Tallahassee, she began studying Cuong Nhu style karate, attaining the rank
of green belt.

Although there were periods of time when she did not work out over the ensuing
years, she began working in earnest in 1987 and in 1994 she, together with
Sensei Jim Craner, Sensei Karen Kolwey, and Sensei Pam Heath, taught a kids
karate class at the Main Dojo. She attained her First Degree Black Belt
(Shodan) on December 1, 1992, and her Second Degree Black Belt (Nidan) on
March 1, 2003, and her Sandan Jan 5th 2008. She owns a horse, Misty, and 3
cats: Cookie, Cici and Sandy. A world traveler, she has conversational ability in
Spanish and German.
Sensei Chris Lindamood